This third generation model is installed in two pieces to facilitate installation in the pour forms as well as installation of the assembled window.

The first piece poured in the cement is the PVC buck. It replaces the temporary wood frame previously used for this end, and has no fragile features suscepible to damage while pouring. Once foundation work is completed, the assembled window is inserted by simply clipping into the buck, no tools required.

  • Available in extruded black PVC.
  • No risk of track breakage during the construction process until the window isn’t install in the universal base.
  • Double weatherstripping provides outstanding sealing properties against infiltration between both parts once assembled.
  • Triple glass available.
  • Sashes mounted onto brass roller bearings.
  • Full size screen.
  • Styrofoam strip around the perimeter of the universal base for ICF. (optional).