Specializing in the manufacture of sliding windows for pouring in place, FORMTECH holds the title of innovative designer for this installation method.  This concept facilitates and reduces the work of formworkers and contractors. To date, the organization offers the most efficient and easy-to-install windows in this market.


Our TECHNOCLIP line of products is the best in its class on the market. Its energy and physical performance are second to none. What’s more, there are only two parts to assemble, so it’s certainly the easiest and quickest to install!


Available in BLACK PVC

Did you know that our black windows are not painted? They are made using a capstock process right here in the factory. The capstock process involves adding a layer of a few mils of black powder to the surface of the various manufactured parts.  It is applied directly into the extrusion to leave a much more robust and durable colour finish than competitively priced paint.

clip installation

The PVC base installed in the formwork (which replaces the wooden frame previously used) has a notch into which the window is clipped once the work is completed.

No risk
of breakage

The risk of equipment breakage is reduced since the window that is inserted into the base can be installed once the work is completed.

glass option

Double or triple glass available for optimal thermal efficiency.

With an extensive inventory of several formats and models, we can respond to last-minute opportunities.

We also offer our own delivery service; one less headache! (Minimum purchase amount required)