About us


FORMTECH WINDOWS was founded in 1988 to complement the formwork materials, including 4 Seasons Ties and related accessories and tools, we already marketed to contractors. At the time, no existing window could be embedded in a poured concrete wall. We therefore devised a basement window that could be set into the formwork and embedded when the concrete foundation wall was poured in place. Our goal was to minimize work for formwork contractors and decrease maintenance requirements, in addition to offering a reasonably priced window unit.

Our PVC foundation windows eliminate the need for regular painting and eventual replacement owing to wood rot.

The company started small with three dedicated employees.

Our first model was a one-piece unit which was cast from a single mold. The rest of the parts including sliders, jambs, headers and sills then needed to be assembled at the plant and installed in a reinforced wood frame and packaged.

In 2005, we acquired a plastic extruder machine so we could manufacture our own window frames. Some additional machinery (corner welders, corner cleaners, etc.) was also acquired making assembly faster and more accurate.

In 2010, a second extruder was acquired allowing us to produce smaller parts such as handle bars, meeting stiles and sashes).

Manufacturing windows in our own facilities allowed us to work on continuously improving our products and produce a window that was accredited by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) as well as by Energy Star.

Our company and employees are proud to be continually enhancing the quality and quantity of the products we manufacture.

FORMTECH WINDOWS is a supplier to a range of high profile hardware outfits including Canac and Unimat. Many foundation vendors and contractors take advantage of our know-how.

Our sales outlets are increasing in number. Today, we distribute our products in Quebec, Ontario, the Maritime and western provinces, and numerous regions in the United States including Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

A number of our employees at our plant focus on manufacturing high performance products, overseeing quality control and innovating to ensure we stay on the cutting edge of the market.

Our sales, receiving/shipping, secretarial, accounting, purchasing and billing departments ensure the smooth operation of the firm.

With our QUALITY and SERVICE oriented sales policy,
we have maintained our leading market position.