Warranty and Certifications



All sealed units are guaranteed, under normal conditions, for a period of ten (10) years from the date of installation. This coverage protects you against the formation of a film or dust on the internal surfaces of the glass, caused by a leaking seal (not by broken glass) and constituting a significant obstruction of vision. Thermal cycle breakages are also covered by the warranty when the constraints below are respected.


A – The installation was carried out as directed.
B – The insulating glass was not damaged during handling.
C – The glass pane has not been subject to physical or thermal constraints.
D – Conditions of sale have been fully met.

N.B.: Our responsibility is limited to providing new insulated glass panes. (Excluding installation and shipping costs to destinations other than our warehouses) For delivery to destinations other than our warehouses, shipping costs must be paid prior to item shipment.


It is recommended that adequate air circulation be maintained on the inner surface of the glass panes to reduce heat stress and prevent breakage. In cold weather, keep blinds, curtains and draperies away from the glass panes. To prevent the concentration of heat on the glass, avoid applying any cardboard, paper, poster or decorative object to the glass. Coatings or films applied after installation will render the warranty null and void. Hot air sources should be placed a minimum of 50 mm from the glass and should not be aimed directly at it. Tinted or patterned glass panes require greater caution, since they heat up far more than clear glass panes when exposed to sunlight. Make sure to follow these recommendations to prevent thermal breakage.


Condensation on the surface of the insulating glass inside a room is the first visible sign of excessive humidity. Such condensation needs to be addressed to prevent mold and increase comfort level. It is recommended that humidity levels be reduced when outside temperatures are low.