How can I remove the panes?

Removing the panes from the windows is easy to do. The step-by-step process is shown in the video.
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Can I convert my 2-pane window to a 3-pane window?

You can easily convert a 2-pane window to a 3-pane-window (or vice-versa) provided the size of the existing window will accommodate the new panes. If so, you simply need to purchase the new panes and gliders and install them by following the step-by-step process shown in the video.
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Can my window be used as an emergency exit?

Windows in basement bedrooms are required to meet a minimum size standard enabling occupants to exit the dwelling in an emergency. A basement window must have a minimum height of 15 in. and minimum net clear opening of 3.77 sq. ft.

Are FORMTECH windows Energy Star certified?

The Isoform line is Energy Star certified for A, B and C climate zones. Check the Energy Star map to determine which zone applies to your home.

Do the windows contain Low-E Argon?

Yes, all FORMTECH windows are Low-E Argon.

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