Pioneer and always at the forefront in our field, our mission at Form-Tech windows is to facilitate the work of contractors and formers by manufacturing and distributing basement windows that meet their needs and those of their customers. In doing so, we are continually committed to the highest standards of performance, quality and market sustainability.


Form-Tech windows will be recognized as a leader in its business sector in North America, as much by its customers as by its suppliers and its name will guarantee quality and credibility thanks to the expertise and the desire for excellence by his team.


Quality of services

We maintain our reputation by building on the quality of the products offered and respecting the requested deadlines and the specific needs of our customers. Customer service and product quality is the responsibility of all our staff who apply it with great rigor.


We foster relationships based on trust and respect. We do things or say words that do not affect other members of the organization, our customers and our suppliers.


We place commitment and trust at the heart of our development as an organization and team. We therefore try to maintain behaviors and attitudes based on the belief that we can count on each other and accept differences.

Team Spirit

We cultivate the diversity of talents and strengths within the company to be even more effective collectively. We adhere to the goals of the team even when it is not always at the heart of our individual priorities. We are driven by a spirit of solidarity and collaboration that is the basis of any effective team.

Honesty, integrity and ethics

In order to ensure the future of our company and to foster the development of each individual who joins us, we are committed to cultivating honesty, integrity and also to a high level of professional ethics.